Monday, November 21, 2011

Arab Historical Buildings

I had the opportunity to visit and photograph some of the most amazing and historical buildings in Arab Architecture. I tried to capture a few of the many beautiful details of these magnificent edifices.

Here are some of my favorites.

Fashion Photo Shoot in Downtown Atlanta

I had so much fun on Tuesday night, during another APG photo shoot in downtown Atlanta. I'm definitely looking forward to the next shoot!
Check out some of my top picks from that night.


Downtown Atlanta Photo Shoot - my first time using strobes!

Since we moved to Atlanta I have been busy trying to get everything ready for the website, so I haven’t been shooting much with exception of some pet portraits and a few nature shots, but not much, and I am starting to miss the feeling.

I heard about this group called the Atlanta Photographers Guild (APG), which is a mix between professional, amateur and starting photographers that get together every other week and share a few tips here and there, but the best part is that they bring models and organize photo shoots so everyone can practice and use the equipment provided by the founder of the group. So I decided to check it out last night and I had a great time! It was the first time I got to use strobes and shoot with other light besides natural or ambient light.

These are my favorite photographs from last night, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them.

Happy Birthday Matthew!

A year ago today, my dear friends Liam and Teresa were blessed with the arrival of their second baby, Matthew. He was just a few months old when I had the pleasure to take some shots of him. Here are some of my favorite portraits from that photo shoot.

Happy Birthday Matthew!


For some people pets are just animals, a big burden or extra work they can't be bother with. For others they are more than just an addition to the household, they become part of the family and in some cases, their only companion, their unconditional love and ultimately their world.

This post shows some of those little or big animals that have come to form part of our lives and continue to bring love and happiness to all of us and our families.

Hope you enjoy their portraits as much as I did when taking them.

"On location" photoshoot with a Praying Mantis

Found a praying mantis in the garden and spent quite a while admiring it. These are some shots from that fascinating encounter.